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Be it a businessman, corporate company person, banker or a college student, the laptop stands to be the choicest gadget of present times. The laptop development industry is continuously and will continue to prosper with the advancement of time. The market is jammed with multitudes of eminent laptop providers. A closer look at the ongoing trends and additions in the laptop market is the most basic prerequisite of materialization of the decision to buy a laptop. Our serves to be your entrusted partner to unearth the most optimal laptop which is a perfect fit to all your concerns.

Some of the leaders in the domain prevalent in the Indian & Overseas market are Apple, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Dell, Samsung, Acer, HP etc.      Each of these renowned names has something unique about themselves. For instance, Dell laptops are known to be customized as per the needs of the user, Acer laptops and Lenovo laptops secure a good reputation among the best budget laptops. For a better insight on the Acer and Lenovo laptop price list explore the store laptops price list

Have a look at the fundamentals to be analyzed before diving into the big decision:

  1. Type of laptop: There are diverse options in the categorization of laptops based on their usage, screen size, and other features. The important categories are a netbook, ultrabook, mini laptop, and notebook laptop. The number 1 notebook laptop in the Indian market is Dell XPS 13. The notebook signifies the most used and common category of laptop. The mini laptop prices range from less than 10,000 – 50,000 and the best economical recommendation for the mini laptop priced at Rs. 12,000 and is Micromax Canvas Laptab II.
  2. Screen dimensions: Laptops are available in vivid screen sizes ranging from 10 inches to 20 inches. However, if you are looking for more power efficient alternative then go for a 14 inch laptop or less resolution. But if you are more into resolution and better graphics then my recommendation would be a 17 inch laptop or more. Both the best 14 inch laptop and 17 inch laptops originate from the HP Group.
  3. Processor: Being a key player in the decision process it determines the speed and performance of your laptop.  Some of the renowned brands providing processors in India are AMD and Intel. The most popular processors in the market are Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7. The recommended processor for average use could be i3 or i5 while you could opt for i7 laptop if you are looking forward to attaining high-end advanced features. The laptop securing 1st position among the i7 laptops is Apple MacBook Pro.
  4. RAM: The more RAM in your laptop the better performance you ought to get. Ideally, for average use, a 4GB RAM sounds perfect.
  5. Operating System: Although there are dozens of O.S available be it Windows, Mac OS, Linux and so on. Windows is undoubtedly the winner in the list, being the most used OS in the market. Windows 10 is the latest version followed by Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.
  6. Keyboard and Touchpad: Optimal quality of the keyboard and the touchpad is an important consideration to decide on a laptop. Smooth and responsive touchpad along with comfortably sized, firm keyboard keys are an indication of the overall good quality of the laptop.
  7. Manufacturing quality: Choosing a durable and sturdy quality of the laptop is anytime superior to choosing simply sleek and stylish laptop. You should lay more stress on the quality rather than the design aspect of the laptop to make the most of your investment. The recommendation is to go for laptops with a metal body.
  8. Weight: Nowadays you get a whole lot of alternatives which are an extremely featherweight. The recommendation is to go for a laptop weighing 2kg or less.
  9. Battery backup: Good battery backup is essential to utilize the maximum potential of a laptop. As per the recommendation choosing a laptop with battery backup of 6-7 hours is appropriate. The Dell Laptops from the Dell Inspiron range are providing over 13 hours of tolerance.
  10. Speakers: Another important aspect to consider before investing in a laptop is to check its sound quality as good sound quality implies better recreation.
  11. SSD or embedded flash storage: A very crucial key point is to choose a laptop having SSDs. The SSD determines the response time of your laptop. A laptop having core i3 processor with SSD is far superior to a core i7 laptop and 1 TB hard disk without SSD.
  12. Ease of Portability: The ease of carrying around is another striking feature to be well accounted. Acer Aspire S from the Acer Laptop family is one such ultraportable alternative.


We provide you with the most effortless ways to catch hold of the best budget laptops. We offer unlimited laptop display with a detailed description of their specifications. Comparing and contrasting the features of different brands is as easy as a cakewalk with our website. We offer the most noted services to help you choose the best budget laptops. Our portal accounts for the commendable amount of information on each and every product on display be it from the minutest details to the exclusive laptops price list.
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