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LED TV: The Future is here & it’s Bright!

Gone are the days when the whole neighborhood used to gather in front of a fat black box and wait anticipatedly for their favorites programs to air! The television industry has evolved tremendously with time from the heavy duty sets to the slimmest and most stylish versions called LED, it has seen a sea change.

Any idea about exactly how many years we have been associated with this addiction called TV? Well…let, I tell you….it’s more than a period of nine decades (quite a long time…huh!)

Let’s dive in to get a better insight on LED Television……

The Concept

LED Televisions are regarded to be the hot and happening form of TV sets prevalent in the market as of today. LED televisions are nothing but LCD TV with backlit light emitting diodes (LED). Instead of being called LCD backlit TV the industry preferred to choose a new identity for this innovation and termed it as “LED”.

The first of its kind was launched by Sony in the year 2005. They provide us with a neat and miniature form, economical alternative and broader optical range than their previous counterparts.

Reasons to opt for LED as a chosen version of TV:

  • Lightweight
  • Energy efficient (consumes nearly 40% power in contrast to LCD)
  • Enhanced picture quality
  • Combines the best of Plasma and LCD versions of TV
  • Slimmer than LCD TV

Finding the most optimal brand:

Ever been to a showroom packed with televisions all flashing something or the other…All of them seem to be a good looking prospect for a layman! But things are very different in reality.

Of course, the market is flooded with televisions sets ranging from diverse sizes, features and price tags but choosing the most optimal one for you is a matter of concern which should be analyzed to the core and not a matter of choosing the biggest and brighter of all at the flash of a second!!

Here’s a quick guide to demystifying the puzzle for you…. 

  • Go for a premium brand such as Samsung, Sony, Micromax, LG, and Panasonic. 
  • Screen Size: LED TVs come under a wide range of screen sizes from 20 inches to 65 inches. Choose your size wisely. However, the recommendation (as per the standard dimensions of a room) is to choose 32 inch LED for a bedroom and 40 inch LED for the main room. 
  • Always go for a smart TVs with distinguishing features over a bigger size TV with less features. 
  • Screen Resolution: Choose which version of LED will be best for you as per your requirement and budget among the various options such as LED TV, HD LED TV, Full HD LED TV, and Ultra HD 4k LED TV. 
  • Smart or not: Decide whether you wish to invest in a normal LED TV or one with Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • Warranty period: Try to go for the alternative that fits your requirements plus the benefits of an extensive amount of warranty.

Compare & Contrast:

As mentioned already, the market is flooded with options. Each one offering one of a kind experience, distinguished offers, specifications and policies.

The strategy here is to compare, compare and compare to the core and come out with the wisest decision…after all investing in a television is a weighty decision (isn’t it!)

Why choose compare price as a companion in your quest:

Although, you will meet an endless number of e-commerce websites which will guide you with options and steps to grab a deal but choosing compare price could be an added advantage in the accomplishment of the task as:

  • Wide range of choices available
  • Competitively priced products
  • Genuine reviews
  • Regularly updated with new arrivals
  • Availability of by far the best comparisons
  • Great support staff
  • Bang on deliveries
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