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A washing machine tends to be a lifesaver appliance for most women out there and hence is an indispensable commodity. Choosing one for you is a task that needs the careful analysis of all the possible alternates with respect to your particular requirements.

There are multitudes of washing machines brands out there in the market. Each offering distinguished features. The key is to get familiar with all the specifications and their pros and cons before actually getting down to buy a washing machine.

Guidelines before investing in a washing machine

  • Categorization of washing machines: It is always advisable to pre-decide the specifications you are looking for before actually considering an investment to buy washing machine. You can opt from the diverse options available such as top load washing machines (with/without an agitator), front load washing machines, semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machine.
  • Key dissimilarities among the various washing machines:
  1. Front Load Washing Machines:
  • Lid is in the front position
  • Laundry is placed from the front side
  • Basket is placed at the horizontal direction
  • No use of agitator hence no tangling of clothes
  • Paddles on the side of the basket, pick up the clothes and soak them in soapy water
  • Subject to higher washing machine price
  • Less drying time
  • Better performance
  • Heavier machine, difficult to move
  • Can add more number of clothes since there is no agitator in the middle
  • Saves electricity by washing more number of clothes at once
  • Needs about half the quantity of water as compared to top load versions
  • Needs very less detergent and preferably of supreme quality
  • Compact in size
  1. Top Load Washing Machines:
  • Basket/Tub in the vertical position
  • Presence of agitator
  • Agitator grabs the clothes and thrashes them
  • Less costly
  • More drying time
  • Consume more amount of water
  • Not so heavy, ease of moving around
  • Comparatively less number of clothes because of presence of agitator
  • Comparatively more consumption of power
  • More amount of water consumption
  • More detergent is needed; also it could be of any quality.
  • Acquires comparatively more space
  1. Semi-Automatic washing machine:
  • Most commonly used washing machine
  • Requires manual efforts as well like add and drain water
  • Help save water
  • No need of continuous water supply
  • Save power
  • Always a top loading washing machine
  • Has 2 separate tubs for washing and drying clothes respectively
  • Tough on clothes
  • Can add clothes anytime during the washing process
  • Comparatively cheap
  1. Fully-Automatic washing machine:
  • Saves time, no manual efforts required
  • Can be either front load washing machine or top load washing machine
  • Saves water and power
  • Gentle on clothes, perfect for delicate fabrics
  • No possibility of adding clothes in mid of the washing process
  • High on budget

The Tub Material:

Generally classified into 3 broad categories: porcelain, plastic and stainless steel. Talking about quality and durability – porcelain is the most subdued quality while plastic is an average and most commonly used material and stainless steel accounts to be the greatest of all and be incorporated in some of the high-end versions of washing machines.

Washing Capacity:

Size is an important concern to be well thought off before investing in a washing machine. If you have a small family of four members then a 6-7 kg washing machine would be your most optimal choice. A 8 kg washing machine if you have a family of 5 and a 9 kg washing machine if you are a part of a big family of 6 or more members. Frankly speaking, you should consider investing in a higher capacity since it’s a decision taken once in 6-7 years!

There are various options available in each of the mentioned categories. Below I am mentioning some of the alternatives in the fully automatic range arranged price wise:

  • 7 Kg Washing Machine: Electrolux, Onida, Whirlpool, Bosch
  • 8 Kg Washing Machine: Whirlpool, IFB, LG, Bosch
  • 9 Kg Washing Machine: LG, IFB, Samsung

Time delay & pre-soak

If you don’t want the washing process to start immediately and wish to postpone it to some later point then you can just put in all your clothes inside the washing machine and let them pre-soak for the desired amount of time set by you; after the passage of which it will start the washing automatically.

Other features to consider:

  • The Brand value: It is always advisable to invest in the most premium brand for sure shot results. Eg: Samsung, Whirlpool, LG washing machine and so on.
  • Washing Machine Price: The evaluation of washing machine price to fit in your budget is another important aspect.
  • Automatic lock - to prevent the door from opening up while washing is carried out.
  • Adjustable legs – to keep the unit in a steady position
  • Wi-fi and App Connectivity – The latest feature which allows you to start, stop or troubleshoot your machine via a mobile app.
  • Quick Refresh function – freshening your clothes without utilization of detergent.
  • Fuzzy logic: Fuzzy logic provides you with automatic selection of the best possible setting in regard to the weight of the laundry without the need of any kind of intervention from your end.
  • Spin speed: The spin cycles of the Washing machine could range from 1000 to 1600 revolutions per minute (rpm). Faster spin cycles will isolate more moisture, hence in the better drying of the clothes. This could be ideal for drying out items needing a long time otherwise or in case of urgencies when you are in hurry to wear some particular outfit.
  • Noise reduction: You can opt for less noisier models if you dislike the annoying sound of the washing machines.
  • Price: The price of the machine is another important factor if you have a limited or pre-decided budget. All you need is to investigate the price range of the possible alternatives and then move forward to dig into the details. For instance, the price range of LG Washing machine lies between Rs. 10,000- Rs.30,000/-.
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